There are 168 hours in a week and last week was just incredible on how both sides of the pendulum of life can swing back & forth.

From a medical perspective, it’s now confirmed via a hearing test last week that the hearing in my right ear has a profound loss from the radiation. My right eardrum is also severely inflamed and the fluid trapped behind it is throwing off my balance. Powered ear drops to the rescue! The good news is that I was assessed by a Neurologist and my risk of seizures from a swollen temporal lobe are not a concern – Yea!

Now- back to that incredible week of 168 hours…
In the midst of all these medical appointments my 1st book was published last week and is now available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. It’s called Four Loop Learning and I got very emotional when I received the first copy as I was overwhelmed that I actually pulled this off during the journey of 7 operating room surgeries, radiation & chemo in the past 2 years + a boatload of other Dr. appointments.

I’ve mentioned before that writing the book was a “Beautiful Distraction” and I have so many great and talented people to thank who supported me along the way.

It’s just amazing what can happen in just 168 hours.

Wishing you all a prosperous 168!