We pulled this off during the past 20 months of 7 surgeries, 33 proton beam radiation treatments with chemo in Boston and 2 months of IV antibiotics in WI. Right now, I’m cancer free and have 1 more surgery in Nov to reanimate my face and I am enjoying life despite some of the challenging side effects which is now my new normal and that’s OK!

It is with a grateful heart with Barb by my side and also my guide that she helped me create and humbly share the following accomplishments:

1. Published my first book: Four Loop Learning
2. Created the next generation leadership reflections journal
3. Created a kit with a 70-page instruction guide how to use the Journal
4. Launched a new website to link all of these offerings together
5. And the Audio version of the book will launch in January

We determined from day one that we would define how we are going to lead our lives through our unexpected Adversity and not let that Adversity lead us. Sorry adversity- no room for you in our house!

There are so many people to thank and the list of friends is so overwhelming and quite humbling and just confirms how blessed we are.

So, if I could summarize the tenets of our accomplishments, we would say that it’s the amalgamation of 5 things:

  • A rock-solid partnership
  • An incredible network of so many caring and talented people
  • Headset of positivity
  • Deep faith and gratitude
  • Contents of 75 reliable journals used to capture all of these learnings

This is the first of many future posts that has replaced the Bobston.life.

We hope you enjoy the new website! It was truly a labor of love and really energizing to do with the combined talents of my family: Julianne, Jack & Ali.

Reflectively Yours,

Bob & Barb