Greetings to all my valuable friends!

I want to provide you with an update of what I’ve been doing in Boston for the past month & 1/2.

I’ve been undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments (called HBO) to help close the open wound behind my ear and to help eliminate the intense pain in my ear from the extensive damage from the Proton Beam radiation 2 years ago.

For 30 separate treatments of 2 hours and 10 minutes each, I lay in an chamber that exposes me to 100% Oxygen at 2.5 atmospheric pressure. As a comparison we normally breathe 21% Oxygen at 1 Atmospheric pressure. There are 2 times during the treatment I have to breathe out of an Oxygen bag at 21% so I do not get Oxygen Toxicity.

The 2 hours and 10 minutes are a great way to reflect and I have so many thoughts and ideas that I want to journal on but you cannot bring in any pen, paper or eye glasses into the chamber. I have to change into special clothing and I can watch TV or listen to music.

I want to share with you the 5 things that keep on coming to mind as I lay in a pressured chamber:

1- I am so blessed to have Barb by my side. She works out during my treatment sessions. Ali is in grad school at Tufts so we see her many times through out the week and that is so enjoyable.

2- The Four Loop Learning book is now available on Amazon & Audible and I keep on thinking of innovative ways to share this with my network.

3- I’m working on my next book with my daughter Ali as the co-author and it’s called “Courage to Lead” and contains more content and learnings from the 76 completed journals. Our draft is 70 pages and is getting a little bit better every day.

4- I’m so grateful that Jack is taking care of our dogs and home in WI. It’s such a great feeling when you don’t have to worry about your stuff. Thank you Jack!!

5- The weather in Boston has been beautiful so Barb and I go for long walks every day.

So my big reflective question for you is, What Do You Do Under Pressure?

Do you T-Cup? aka Think Clearly Under Pressure?