This week marks the 2 year anniversary of the 1st major operation that removed a rare head & neck cancer at Mass Eye & Ear in Boston. It’s amazing that I have endured a total of 8 separate surgeries in 24 months with the last being on Nov 18th to transplant a piece of gricillis muscle from my inner thigh into my face connecting my lower lip to my cheek area with the goal of having a spontaneous full facial smile in the future. The key thing here is that we will not know if the surgery is successful for 6 months, so in June of 2020 I’ll be hoping for a smile. Until then it’s 1/2 a face as usual!

All of this triggers 3 different thought streams I’d like to share:

  1. Barb’s Smile– even though I only have a 1/2 smile, it makes me really notice and appreciate Barb’s full smile which gets me through each and every day. Smiles are such a visual gift and I’m learning how special they really are and not to take them for granted.
  2. Personal Sacrifices – Regarding the 5 hour surgery on Nov 18th, 3 days in ICU and some ongoing complications, how many of you would make a major decision to incur major pain today for a gain tomorrow, especially if the outcome was not a guarantee and was also 6 months away? Yet we all do it every day without looking at the horizons of time we live in. Where are you spending time today in somewhat painful areas where you are hoping for a tremendous gain in the future? It’s a great topic to journal on to track your progress.
  3. Beautiful Distraction– I’ve shared before that the creation of my first book, first kit and first website were all accomplished over the past 24 month period which I have called a “Beautiful Distraction.” After thinking about this I realized that there is only one word here that matters and it’s the word “Beautiful” and it totally describes my wife Barb who has been a beautiful partner, a beautiful mother, a beautiful friend and just an overall kind, compassionate and caring person. I’m so blessed to have her by my side!

My ongoing gratitude for your thoughts and prayers. I wish you all the most wonderful holiday seasons with lots of heart felt smiles!

Bob C