As we start the new year the goal was to be problem free of all medical challenges and enjoy a year of good heath and healing- but unfortunately that’s not the case. Due to the extensive radiation over the past two years I still have an open wound behind my ear that continues to be a challenge and susceptible to easy infection. It’s important that the wound heals from the inside-out so I’ve been fitted with a special machine called a Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System. It’s a vacuum seal that is put over the wound (in this case my entire ear) and is tethered to a portable vacuum that you wear like big clunky jewelry for a week to help the inside-out healing. I’ve had 3 system issues so far but happy to say the Dr. is seeing some progress so the process will continue.

So as I go through this healing process, what’s been on my mind is a metaphor on “Being Tethered” and where it applies to other parts of our lives.

So for example:

What are the good things in your life that you are tethered to? (partner, family, friends, work, ambition, etc.)

What are the problematic things you are tethered to? (bad habits, wrong thinking, inadequate networks, etc.)

The big question I have for you is – “are the things you are tethered to helping you or hindering you?”

If they are helping you- that’s great! If they are hindering you- what’s your plan?

Just some food for thought as I’m trying to heal inside-out and being tethered to a vacuum is a good thing.