Alessandra and I have been asked to provide a macro overview of our new book called Four Loop Learning and the Courage to Lead which was published in Dec of 2020.

We believe it Takes Courage to make an impact as a leader in our world especially with with so many challenges going on from the Covid pandemic and global warming to systemic racism and political unrest. We created a 7 letter acronym to help unlock some new ways to think about COURAGE in your pursuit to become a higher impact leader.

Here are the components:

C = Cultivating a Change Management Headset (making change a natural act and embracing it)

O = Overcoming Mental Chatter (catching your negative thinking and quickly turning it around)

U = Utilize Influence (research shows every company has ~17% of their population who are extremely influential. Find them and ask for their help)

R = Relentless Connect to People’s Hearts (align to people’s ambition & purpose for more discretionary effort)

A = Always look to Improve (remember it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert)

G = Get really good at Implementation (know how hard this is and be ready to mitigate challenges)

E = Encourage Iteration, not Perfection (don’t let the pursuit of perfection spoil whats good enough)

We hope that the COURAGE acronym provides you with a bit more context on how you can make your positive mark in our world!

Reflectively yours,

Bob & Alessandra

ps- We sign all books procured off of the website.