As we are all home in our dwellings under the “Stay at Home” guidelines to help flatten the curve against CV19,  many of the attributes of great leadership are located in our homes right under our nose.

For example, let me share with you a very relevant quote from Dib Mossaui on 7 secrets to success and then I’d like to add a few more dimensions:


The Roof said – aim high

The Fan said – be cool

The Clock said – every minute counts

The Mirror said – reflect before you act

The Window said – see the world

The Calendar said – be up to date

The Door said – push hard to achieve your goals

And here are a few more dimensions I added:

The Floor said- try and walk in others shoes before you talk

The Light said- illuminate others by inspiring them

The Walkway said – please come inside and have a seat at my table

What other things are you seeing?

Isn’t it amazing how many wonderful things are already there right in front of us?

Please use this time to be grateful for what you have as there are so many gifts in reach right now!