I recently blogged about the most important questions 3 grandchildren would ask their grandfather and what wisdom would be bestowed upon them in answering these important questions about life.

This blog has been heavy on my mind since I wrote it and I want to share what my answers would be at this point in time as a 59 year old human in his second year of remission from a rare head and neck cancer with more surgeries, treatments and side effects worth mentioning. To keep with the theme I have 3 responses on each question that come to mind:

Question 1 on What is your gift to God

1- It took me 50 years to figure this out and as simply as I can say it is to Serve others and help as many people be the best they can be and live meaningful lives.

2- Find your ambition (calling, passion, purpose, etc) as quickly as you can in life and pursue it with non stop passion. Ignore naysayers and don’t live a life unlived!

3- When adversity enters your life quickly acknowledge it is a gift in disguise and use it to build strength, define character and determine how you will endure it with courage and grace. Remember you define “it”, and “it” does not define you.

Question 2 on the most important work advice

1- Help people find their purpose and they will never work a day in their lives.

2- Know that success comes from learning from failure as both success and failure are inextricably linked together and it’s critical to have both.

3. Cut people slack as you will never know the hidden burdens that everyone carries at some point in their lives.

Question 3 on great marriage advice:

1- Marry well as this is the most important decision you will make in your life.

2- In the long run winning arguments really does not matter so don’t think you are some kind of hero by having to win! In marriage this kind of winning is actually losing.

3- Support each other in achieving your dreams. Teamwork makes the dream work! You have 2 separate passions that have to be achieved in unison to achieve harmony.

I’ve recorded these 9 responses in Journal #78 and I plan on reflecting and answering them again when I reach year 5 of remission in 3 years (God willing) to see how much my responses have changed.

THE BIG QUESTION FOR YOU: What would your responses to these 3 questions look like for you today? (and please be honest!)

Reflectively Yours!