Knowing that I’ve been journaling for over 20 years and currently on Journal #77, I think I do a pretty good job of reviewing my recordings and reflecting on the things that feel to be the most important at the specific period in time of when I’m reviewing the content.

During this deliberate reflection fortnight, my personal goal is try and unlock some new insight about how I think about life, about others or about myself in a way I typically don’t do. I’ve been pondering how does one who is so set in their ways try to find a gem that is hidden in the treasure trove of 77 journals. It’s like reflecting with a different lens and a deeper resolution aperture to see things from radically dissimilar point of view.

The same way that the experts suggest that you do and read things that are out of your wheelhouse to broaden your horizons is a good place to start. So I started thinking about some preconceived notions or some big decisions I made to see if my thoughts are still relevant today, especially is these times of so much uncertainty.

What’s coming up for me is fear. Why have I been intimated by so many things in life because that’s the way I’ve always though about it. What if the defining moment that started the fear is no longer valid? Is the fear just a old habit of thought without any effort to challenge it over time? Maybe it’s time to evaluate some of my age old certainties and put them through a new deeper reflection screen.

That’s all I have for now but at least it’s a start.

Reflectively yours,