My wife Barb told me once that when I think about someone I should reach out and say hello. We saw an incredible rainbow at our home in Wisconsin last evening and then I came across this photo of my Dad with a rainbow! It was such a great find as he’s been gone for almost 20 years yet his legacy is still so strong as he was just a great man and an awesome Dad. To say I miss him immensely would be a vast understatement. His photograph inspired me to write today’s blog as it’s my way to say hello and I hope it provides you with a good feeling as it did for me. Here it goes:

I came across a book by Codi Shewan called Everyday Legacy and my key takeaway was that we have to be more deliberate and live our legacy every day, not just leave it. It was the word “live” that triggered the following story by finding a picture of my Dad with a rainbow.

So as I was reflecting about that word “live”, I started to review a bunch of journals on the topic of legacy and decided to create this story from a compendium of journal notes on the subject.

There were three grandchildren who were visiting their grandfather:

The 1st grandchild said, Grandpa- you taught us that “when we are born, that is God’s gift to us and what we do with our lives is our gift back to God.”

Grandpa- what were your gifts and exactly what did you give back to God?

The 2nd grandchild said, Grandpa- I understand you were very successful in business and had some really big leadership roles in your life.

Grandpa- what advice can you give me on what it takes to become a great leader in both business and in life? Also did you ever make any mistakes?

The 3rd grandchild said, Grandpa- You and Grandma have been married for over 50 years and you are always such a great team together.

Grandpa- what are the things that married couples or partners do to stay so happy and to be together for so long?

Then it hit me really hard as I started to think about that our future legacy is just a sum of all the things we do each day when we are alive. I’m sure my Dad knew this because he was a role model for it! This is why moving forward I want to be much more deliberate and mindful in my actions so I’m living my legacy today.

I’m much more deliberate in my journal reflections and maybe just need to add a bit more structure on the attributes of living a legacy on a daily basis. Hmm, something worthwhile to reflect upon!

I hope this provided you with some positive thoughts to start the day and to be mindful of what you are doing today as it just might be what you are known for some day!

Happy Reflection and Happy Journaling!