As the year winds down I took the opportunity to review and reflect upon the journals I completed in 2019 and want to share my findings with you as I uncovered a trend of 4 things with 8 in each category- thus the quadruple 8‘s:

  1. Barb and I are hosting Christmas at our home with 8 people: First Barb, Jack and I who reside in WI. Then Julianne & Beryl from NY who are getting married next year in Oct in VA. Then Ali who is in from grad school at Tufts in Boston along with her boyfriend GianCarlo and his best friend “T” from Ohio. Full house and so much fun! It’s also really enjoyable to see 8 stockings hanging on the mantle.
  2. Hard to believe that I completed 8 Leadership Reflection Journals this year with a total of 232 stop & reflects, 115 new idea and an average of 6.8 pages a day. Wow do I ever have a lot on my mind and even more to share with tons of content for lots of posts in 2020.
  3. The 3rd list is that I changed my list of 5 daily statements of gratefulness to 8 things. It’s not surprising that Barb’s the first on every list followed by family and friends all under a very strong foundation of faith, hope and love.
  4. Now the worst list of 8 but my reality. The Dr’s said that with extensive radiation late problems come late and it’s true. I now have 8 significant issues from the 66 rounds of radiation from hearing loss, balance issues, vocal cord paralysis, painful fibrosis in the jaw and most recently impact to the #11 & #12 cranial nerves which impacts the shoulder, tongue and swallowing. I’m grateful to be cancer free but honestly have to tell you these side effects do wear me down. I’m hoping things stabilize at 8 because that certainly is enough.

Also want to wish all of you a joyful holiday season and hope that you can find some time to reflect upon all the great things going on in your lives and to find the light within similar to the photo.