Greetings my friends!

I wanted to share with you my very first podcast which was a bit challenging as my vocal cords are a bit raspy from the Proton Beam Radiation side effects.

Kristi Hayes is a friend of mine who conducted this podcast and she has created a compelling business over a very simple note her husband Grant gave to their son Holden that said “BE STRONG, PROTECT THE WEAK,LOVE EVERYONE”. These are words that are so needed right now as COVID-19 and Social Injustice are so apparent in our society. She just published her first book to share this important message called “The Lunchbox Note-a story about loving others.”

When I listened to the podcast a few times which is about 40 minutes long, I recorded the following 5 observations in Journal #78:

1- Kristi is an exceptional interviewer and made me feel at ease which is an incredible skill she has refined. Do I make people feel at ease when I talk to them?

2- My responses were how I felt at the moment but wow did I ever critique what I said with thoughts around how much better I could have answered each question. Is preparing for perfection just going to spoil what’s good enough?

3- Sharing the note from her husband to their son was a gift and made me realize that something so simple could be so powerful, but most of the times we are blind to seeing these mini miracles. What very small things are you doing right now that can have an enormous impact on others that you just might not be able to see?

4. It was the actual podcast that brought my thoughts into reality and made me realize that my current thinking really was a reflection of who I am today. There is nothing like being on the spot to uncover your true perspectives and feelings. Are you in reality to your true feelings about things?

5. If you were in the interviewee seat on this podcast like I was, what would be your answers to Kristi’s questions? When is the last time you were peppered with insightful questions to reveal your true self?

Here is the link to the 40 minute podcast and I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Reflecting!

Here is the link to Kristi’s website in case you are interested in seeing all the other things she does to help others: