After my last post on WATCH YOUR WORDS, I came across the word Mot Juste.

I did not know what it meant so I looked it up and it means “using the exactly right word or phrase”.

So in the spirit of adaptation I was thinking if the word applied to leadership, what would be the Mot Juste’s of really great leaders as mined from the collection of completed Leadership Reflection Journals.

Here are 5 that came up in reviewing the content from the last 10 journals:

  1. Caring & compassionate leaders always start their conversations with “How” are you doing before they launch into “What” are you doing?
  2. Effective leaders are aware the ratios they need to set, especially on the big 3: ListenTalk, Ask/Tell & Push/Pull.
  3. Successful leaders are cognizant of the mood that can transpire based upon their choice of words and how they are articulated- then they choose their words carefully and deliver  them with authenticity.
  4. Effective leaders are mindful of the past and present activities of their teams before they launch into a new future request- meaning they are familiar with preexisting commitments made before they add more on their plates.
  5. Finally- great leaders try to inspire people to do their best and are careful not to deflate their efforts.

It’s amazing how one word can trigger so many thoughts when you use journaling to record your ideas and observations!

Reflectively Yours!

Bob C