For my wife’s birthday (Barb) I surprised her with a one year membership to Master Class which contains videos of accomplished people sharing their secrets of success. She really enjoys the cooking shows by acclaimed chefs. One of the benefits is that the membership allowed another person to receive the Master Class and wow did I ever take advantage of that offer. Just about every day I watch one session and record what I thought was the single biggest lesson (or what I like to say is the 1 Thing) of each episode.

After I completed watching the first 10 I thought I’d stop and reflect and converge all of the 1 things as a way to see how much I have learned and I wanted to share these learnings with you.

Here they are and I hope you enjoy them:

Penn & Teller (magicians): Great magic is simply the art of deception.

Steve Martin (comedian): You can achieve success by being at the tail end of an old movement and transitioning to the front end of a new movement.

Robin Roberts (News Anchor): Make your mess your message!

RuPaul (Entertainer): Illuminate your inner truth by finding what’s unique to you in your own frequency.

James Patterson (Writer): Success comes from daily writing.

Chris Voss (Negotiating): Successful negotiating is letting the other side have your way.

Doris Kearns Goodwin (Historian): Great leaders learn their humility and resilience through adversity.

Jeff Goodby (Advertising): Great advertising is Loud, in your face and still there the next day.

Rich Silverstein (Advertising): All good stories have a beginning, middle and an end- but start with the ending.

Neil Gaiman (Author): Every good story has a big idea. Find it, build it and keep on linking around it.

I wanted to share these because once a senior executive in a big company asked me what I put into my mind and lately this is how I’ve been feeding it!

I hope you enjoy this list of 1 Things and I’m hoping 1 of them can provide you with some new ways to think and lead more effectively.

Reflectively yours