It is with deep sadness that I have lost a good friend, CJ Fritz from an unexpected death related to blood clots in December.

CJ was my Executive Admin for 18 years when I worked for GE. She always had my back and was always there to help me be a better Executive.

During our time together I have learned so much about leadership and life from our working partnership and as a dedication her memory that I wanted to share 5 significant lessons she taught me.

  1. Sometimes you have to take a step backwards in order to make a few steps forward. I believe this really fueled my passion for reflective leadership journaling which I just started journal #82 last week
  2. Focus on the most important and most urgent things first. It’s the focus on unimportant and non-urgent that get people into trouble.
  3. Have the confidence to love your critics- most of the time they are just jealous. I’ve learned to listen to my critics without taking it personally.
  4. Share bad news quickly and have 1-2 ideas how to solve it. This is where I created the 2-STEP acronym which is Two Solutions To Every Problem and then asked all of my team members to follow this mantra
  5. Deep faith allows you to overcome any problem. Trust that you are in God’s hands. Almost every month for 18 years CJ would say “Do your best and God will do the rest.” Her deep faith was quite comforting!

Upon reflection I was so blessed to have cross paths with CJ and will continue to miss her deeply.

Reflectively Yours