Welcome to Four Loop Learning®, where we help business executives become courageous leaders with reflective journaling skills.

We believe if you are more reflective, you are more effective. As a leader, it’s your duty to navigate uncertainty and guide others towards safety.

That’s why I’m committed to helping you develop your leadership skills. I’m Bob Cancalosi, owner of Four Loop Learning® and author of Courage to Lead and The Art of Journaling & Reflective Leadership.

Today, I’m going to share with you the 7 Components of Courage. If you’re ready to become the leader everyone admires, then keep on reading!

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My new book, Four Loop Learning® and the Courage to Lead, is co-authored by my youngest daughter, Alessandra. She’s a second-year graduate student at Tufts University in Boston and is studying nutrition and sustainable agriculture.

Bob Cancalosi, Courage to Lead, Four Loop Learning

Along with my oldest daughter, Julianne, who created all of the custom graphics – just like my first book. It’s been a real treat to publish this book with my daughters and our time together really has been so enjoyable and rewarding.

This is my second book under the Four Loop Learning® banner, which is a process of reflection, note-taking, and action to help leaders unlock more potential and achieve greater leadership results. The four loops of learning are: 

  • Record 
  • Reflect
  • Act
  • Share

This is a method to enhance your leadership capabilities. The fourth loop of learning is the most important to me: sharing. It is in sharing and giving that we receive.

It really was the impetus to writing and publishing the second book!

I’ve been an ardent journaler for over 20 years, and I’m currently on custom journal number 81. I use these journals with a cohort of about 25 mentees to leverage the treasure trove of journaling content.

7 Components of Courage, Courage to Lead, Bob Cancalosi, Four Loop Learning

I help them experience the advantages of reflective journaling to become better leaders. My mentees also provide me with great ideas on content enhancements, and that’s why the current journal is in its fourth revision.

Over my career of studying leadership with GE for 21 years, I have found that the leaders who are deliberately more reflective are truly more effective. Leading the customer education team at GE Crotonville for the last eight years of my 31-year career validated this belief.

Deliberate journaling has helped leaders from all over the world, in all kinds of industries and organizational structures, to achieve substantial results.

I’ve also been witnessing the courage of my daughter, Alessandra, as she navigates the challenges we face in our uncertain world. I wanted her perspective and her point of view on courage as a young leader.

Now, I’m onto the book. The Courage Lead book contains the acronym of the word “courage.” It contains an amalgamation of learnings from my library of journal pages related to the attributes of courageous leadership. Let me share with you the,

7 Components of Courage:

C – Change Management

Change management is a core competency. Having a well-tested process on the steps it takes to successfully charter into new frontiers is important. This moves you from your current state to a new and better-defined desired state.

O – Overcoming Mental Chatter

Overcoming mental chatter combats negative voices. These negative voices attack your confidence and prevent you from achieving your goals. 

U – Use Influence

Use your influence to leverage leaders. With influence and gravitas, you can build the initial buy-in and momentum for change.

R – Relentlessly Connect

Relentlessly connect to people’s hearts and closely align to their ambitions. Many studies validate the importance of a clear and compelling purpose to positively impact financial statements.

A – Always Look to Improve

Always look to improve and be committed to a lifetime of continuous improvement. Never rest on your laurels because better never stops.

G – Get Really Good at Implementation

Get really good at implementation and deliver results in all kinds of environments. Use well thought out mitigation strategies when things go awry (and they will always awry).

E – Encourage Iteration

Encourage iteration, not perfection. Learn that failure is a key component of success. It’s all about progress, not perfection. You do not want to let the pursuit of perfection boil what could be good enough.

In my career, I found that leaders who embody these attributes made both monumental and substantial changes in their organizations.

Thank you for your interest in Four Loop Learning® and The Courage to Lead. Alessandra and I hope you enjoy the content and the context of why courage is so desperately needed in our world.

May this book inspire you to take action and help make a positive impact on our world.

Happy reading and happy reflection!

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Leaders who are deliberately more reflective are profoundly more effective. Reflective journaling can help you unlock your potential to lead more courageously.

Become the leader everyone admires!

Bob Cancalosi, Four Loop Learning, Courage to Lead