I used the picture of a musical synthesizer as a metaphor to show how effective leadership will always have multiple dimensions where if  you align the right settings to match the desired output you can really optimize your chances to achieve the best possible outcome. Effective leaders know that leaving things in the same settings is similar to the ineffective use of a cookie cutter approach as each leadership setting is unique and requires a tailored approach.

Throughout the years I have recorded these simple ratios where it’s just a reflective metaphor for learning and not an accurate expression of mathematics. I have also aligned them to 3 categories of Hand- what you do, Heart- how you were inspired, or Head-how you thought.

Here are 9 of my favorite ratios by H classification:


1- Half Full/Half Empty – what is your automatic default on how you look at things? Do you see any upside at all during our global pandemic?

2-Self Detect/Self Correct – can you detect suboptimal things you might do before someone else might have to correct you? If it’s not a good action, why do it?

3- Virtues/Vices – do you speak well of others or focus on their faults?


4- Living a Legacy/Leaving a Legacy – are you more focused on what you will hopefully be remembered for when you are no longer here or doing the best you can each and every moment?

5- Inspire/Enervate -do you breathe life into others or do you drain energy from people?

6- Hope/Despair – do you look at things with a lens of hope or disparity?


7- Push/Pull – do you push your ideas onto others for them to do or do you ask for their ideas for them to see it through?

8- Build Longer Tables/Build Higher Walls – do you invite the viewpoints of others or do you build barriers to shut them out?

9- Listen/Talk – do you follow our human design of having 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason? (listen twice as much as you talk)

These ratios have really helped me throughout the years as a personal assessment of what I can do better. These 9 ratios are just another perspective why effective leadership is so hard!

Are there 1 or 2 ratios that could possibly be worth pondering upon as you try to increase your leadership effectiveness, especially coming out of CV19?

Happy reflections!