As Four Loop Learning grows, we want to intentionally increase the perspectives that are shared with you.

That is why we are thrilled to introduce you to one of our very own community members, and dear friends, Andrew O’Hearn. Inspired by the Salty Dog-theme, his Boston Terrier, Boss’d (pronounced “Boss-D”) will take the stage in summarizing his thoughts below 😊.

Boss’d Reflects on a reflection practice we shared with him. It is the process of looking back on a quote you journaled about, and then put your spin on it. Example: here a quote from Ed Betof and then spin we put on it…

“When a person is in a leadership role at any level in the organization, it makes me wonder… if they are not teaching, coaching or mentoring… how is it exactly that they are leading?” — Ed Betof

And adding my spin on it…

“When a person is in a leadership role at any level in the organization, it makes me wonder… if they are not reflecting on the “How” and “Why” of what they are doing… how is it exactly that they are improving?”

Boss’d adds his spin below…

Hey, Boss’d here!

I can relate.

Wasn’t Ed Betof the guy who also wrote “Leadership Lessons for Any Occasion: Stories of Our Mothers”? Anybody who learned how to lead from his mama is OK in *my* “book”! He is probably better known for his books about “leaders as teachers”… and like Bob Cancalosi (Four Loop Learning Founder), he was a Chief Learning Officer of a highly regarded corporate “university” (BD; formerly known as Becton Dickinson, here in NJ).

Also, when you talk about “How” and “Why,” I think you may want to also consider two more things : what you call the Reflection (and what I call the Story; or what Chris Vogler/Joseph Campbell call the Writer’s or Hero’s Journey) … and what Nancy Duarte, in her book DataStory, calls “the anatomy of a Slidedoc” : What – Why – How (see and also

Someone Bob likely knew well in his past life, Beth Comstock at GE, illustrates this change-story concept (what is vs. what could be) in Duarte’s book, “Resonate”. So, long “story” short… Don’t Forget the What!

Net net … *lots* of ready-made tools for teachers, coaches, and mentors to not only impart *to* their charges, but rather, collaborate (and maybe co-leader-ate? Yes, I just made that one up!) *with* their colleagues.

Just like the peanut in Central Park, I got a-salted by you, Salty Dog… but you also helped recharge my learning “battery”… which is certainly no crime! I look forward to our next “tussle” of ideas! (leaves a much better taste than any chew-toy).


Introducing Boss’d

Remember to reflect on the “How”, “Why”, and the “What” of your leadership actions.