Throughout my medical journey the one thing that never stopped expanding was my thinking about how to help others fulfill their ambitions. In addition to my fist book coming out called FOUR LOOP LEARNING, I also created the 4th revision Leadership Reflection Journal and a kit that contains a 70 page instruction guidebook on how to use the journal all in a website in progress to tie them all together.

Well, all of these have been coming along nicely and I’m getting so close,  then 3 medical challenges surfaced in the past few weeks:

1. My supraclavicular flap sprung a small leak at day 56 and I had a MRi today to find out what’s going on- most likely residual infection.
2. My right vocal cord has become paralyzed from the radiation and I’ve had 2 vocal cord injections so far in order to talk.
3. My cerebellum (which controls balance) has become swollen from the radiation and my balance is off which makes walking a bit wobbly.

And then to take the spot light off of me and my challenges, Barb and I lost a dear friend tonight and we are heartbroken. Doreen Schaefer was a dear and loving friend and we will miss her dearly! Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family who has been by her side on every step!

I’m struggling what to say next other than to deliberately and purposely enjoy every day and be grateful for the incredible gifts we have been born with.