How do react in times of chaos?

I’d like to think that during times of chaos or adversity I naturally default to a headset of positivity, but I wasn’t 100% sure so I reviewed a few dozen journals to see what I could learn.

I uncovered something interesting…

I typically tend to be positive and look for the silver linings, but I also hunker down & focus on the most important things. The interesting observation is I also like to predict what normalcy might look like when things start to stabilize.

For example, I wrote 5 predictions last week of what life might look like after the global COVID-19 reduces itself to minimal impact and things return back to normal:

  1. There will be a massive influx of new babies in 9 months
  2. Families will be closer than ever- from cabin fever to family breakthroughs
  3. Low interest rates will result in record breaking home sales – and refinances
  4. Majority of stock market losses will be regained – fingers crossed
  5. Everyone will have so many stories of how people pulled together in incredible ways – along with so many examples of random acts of kindness

How do you react?

What is your automatic headset in these uncertain times?

What a great time to think about what you do think about in not so great times!

Reflectively Yours!