What are you grateful for today?

Besides my incredible wife, children, family and network of incredible friends around the world, I am so grateful for the FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

At the end of the day I believe our characters are made up from all the choices we make.

As many of you know I have been going through one heck of a medical journey over the past 2 years, have been hit hard from the side effects and am currently undergoing many different treatment activities including the high oxygen healing from the hyperbaric chamber which I completed # 19 today of 30 in the plan.

I choose to look at my journey as a Gift and not at as burden. I also choose to look at my journey from a positive lens versus negative.

I view it as a Gift because it feels so natural to share the journey with you. It’s only a matter of time before you know of someone who will experience a similar journey and I’m hoping the knowledge of my experiences and learnings (both good and bad) can provide you with some insight to help and comfort  others.  After all knowledge is power.

Maybe it’s a really good time to think reflectively about the things you are choosing!

Choose well my friends!