Who is someone you should tell them how much you appreciate them?

This question comes at a great time because I’ve been thinking about reaching out to 3 of my mentees that I’ve been engaging with for over 5 years to thank them for all the great things that they have taught me.

So for Sam, Amy & Keturah, you need to know…

You always made my role as your mentor very easy for 3 reasons:

1- You were very serious about trying new things we co-created that got you out of your comfort zones

2- You were always open to new ways to think about your approaches and recognized that maybe your current approach could use some new direction with so much openness.

3- You all followed-up, asked for ongoing feedback and then asked for the next thing to work on

All 3 of these make you a mentee dream come true!

Now the best part is while you were demonstrating the courage to try new things, you were deeply sharing your learnings with me and in so I was learning about myself, my approaches and what I needed to change. Ever time we did a teach-back on what you learned I realized I had so much to work on in my own journey of being an impactful leader. Thank You!

So when the question is about who you appreciate, I really appreciate mentees who are great leaders and committed to being the best they can be like Sam, Amy & Keturah. Thank You!

Reflectively Yours,