What might be a great thing to accomplish in the next 10 days?

Once I had a boss ask our team to get a blank sheet of paper and put 4 equal size boxes on the page and to title each box with the following headers: START, STOP, CONTINUE & MODIFY.

Then he asked us to spend a hour thinking about what we should do in all 4 quadrants to be more effective in our jobs and achieve greater results. He was always asking us to think about ways to create even bigger accomplishments.

This was such a powerful exercise that I decided to adopt it into my personal life and have used it many times in the past 10 years.

Here is what’s on my mind as I do this today with the goal of being more effective:

START – doing Yoga with my wife Barb every morning

STOP- watching the news all day on COVID updates (once is enough)

CONTINUE – blogging with the goal to inspire at least 1 person

MODIFY – the amount of water I consume each day

I hope theses 4 categories can be helpful in unlocking even more greatness in what you do and help you have greater accomplishments.

Reflectively Yours,