How is this time impacting your mental, physical and spiritual well being?

Let me share my reflections based upon the 3 categories:


The COVID-19 Pandemic scares the heck out of me as the number of confirmed cases and deaths just keep on rising. The unknown is very stressful. I do not think I have ever washed my hands this much in my whole life- let alone doing it for 20 rigorous seconds singing Happy Birthday while I think about what I’m grateful for.


All of my medical appointments were recently cancelled so I’m anxious of how fast I can get to having my treatments completed. It may take some time before they resume so I know I have to continue to be patient. Helping people survive CV-19 is the most urgent priority right now!


I’ve never felt stronger for 3 reasons:

1- I have so many people that are praying for me and it’s wonderful! I am so grateful to all of you!

2- My faith has never been stronger and I feel at peace of where I am. I can only control what I can control and I know I am firmly in God’s hands.

3-My wife an I are using our combined spirituality to get through the uncertainty and adversity.

Thats it for now as I finish composing the final Fortnight Reflection.