Do you trust in what you believe in?

When I think about this question I’d like to share 2 different perspectives: an internal and external point of view.

Internal – how I think about trust within myself

My first reflection is “in God we Trust”. My deep faith is one of my most trustworthy possessions and will help guide the way.

I also trust the medical experts who have been helping me get better. I listen to them and comply to their recommendations as they know best and I believe in their clinical expertise.

External – how I think about trust in others

When I think about the projection of trust towards others I think about something I learned from Sandy Sullivan at GE many year ago.

After every conversation you have with someone does your trust level go up, stay the same or go down? If you think about these 3 dimensions they can provide some very eye opening observations on the people you are conversing with.

I hope you all have strong experiences of Trust in your life!