Is there something you can binge watch, read or spend your time enjoying?

The something new for me is daily yoga with my wife Barb.

Every morning we do the Yoga by Adriane on Youtube (called True) on her 30 day challenge. The deliberate breathing is really new for me and makes the sessions even more enjoyable. I was always a bit clumsy in the breathing and now it’s getting to be a bit easier!

My form gets a little bit better too after each session and it’s amazing the flexibility I’m building only after 6 sessions. Why have I not been doing this for years?

I think like every other American who is living by the Shelter In Place guidelines, I’ve been binge watching lots of different programs on Netflix. I can’t believe the internet has not crashed yet! Kudos for the robustness it was built to!

As for reading I mentioned in Reflection Blog #10 that I’m reading THE GENE by Siddhattha Mukherjee, TOUCHING THE VOID by Joe Simpson and THE NAKED NOW by Richard Rohr- all very good reads with lots of new things for me to think about.

However I did return to my default on leadership publications and read the Spring 2020 Harvard Business Review on HOW TO LEAD WITH PURPOSE. It is a great summary of many compelling definitions and stories on the importance of having a purpose in your life and/org and the incredible benefits it provides.

So in summary I’m taking advantage of these shelter-in-home times to keep on learning.

Wishing you the best!