First blog in 2020…

There is a Japanese proverb that says, “Fall Seven Times and Stand Up at Eight.” I like this quote because it reminds me of the eight surgeries I had in the past 24 months in Boston and after each one I had to stand up to get home and get on with living. I’ve been asked multiple times from many different people how do I keep on staying positive and if I have read the Option B book by Sheryl Sandberg & Adam Grant and the answer is “Yes” I have, multiple times.

When I think about all the medical hurdles I’ve endured by standing up eight times, it makes me think that my personal definition of Option B would be Option B to the Fifth.

It would be the Option of finding the strength to deal with adversity via 5 major components which I’ll soon explain. First…I know what your thinking…here we go again with one of Bob’s mnemonics but I would like you to neatly fold a new thought into your mental fabric that maybe sometimes I need to think this way to get though the day! (see CANBURY which was recently posted in the Salty Dog section).

Here are the B’s:

B1- Barb who is always by my side and my guide and a rock solid bride

B2- Beautiful Distraction – I decided to accomplish versus anguish and wrote my 1st book, created my 1st kit and launched my 1st website this year and learned a ton along the way

B3 – Believe that pain is temporary and things will get better as the body is an incredible healing machine. Radiation side effects are challenging but I’m dealing with them!

B4- Be Resilient and determine we all have choices in tough times and to make choices that help & heal versus hurt & hamper

B5 – Be Positive! It’s no coincidence that my blood type is B+. I don’t even think about a glass 1/2 full anymore, I just keep thinking about a bigger glass

So my reflective question for you as we start the new year is “What would be the B’s in your Option if adversity knocked you down?”

Happy New Year!