I’ve always thought that an elegant way to describe what you are doing and how you are doing it can be categorized by the 3 H’s of Head– how you think, Hand– what you do and Heart– how you inspire others.

My last blog stated that I have some good news that I would like to share and it relates to all 3 of the H’s.

During the past 18 months of my medical journey I used the time to deeply reflect about my life and all of the incredible things I have learned throughout my experiences. I used the beautiful distraction of getting through 7 difficult surgeries and used the time to write my 1st book called FOUR LOOP LEARNING- The Art of Journaling and Reflective Leadership. I also reached out to 17 brilliant people for their inputs as well and their insights were incredible!

The book contains the Four Loop Process that I created of Record, Reflect, Act & Share and contains ~100 leadership lessons from my 31 year career of leadership development at GE along with 15 life lessons learned while beating head & neck cancer. The content came from the 5 journals I created while going through all of the surgeries.

I’m working with my publisher to have the ~125 page book available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon in the August timeframe.

I’ve learned that every day is precious regardless of your situation and to make the absolute best use of our valuable time.

Regarding the 3 H’s, my goal was quite simple:

Hand– write blogs to keep you updated on my progress
Head– share my perspectives with you
Heart– hopefully some of the content inspired you to think or act differently

More to come on other things I’ve created during this journey!

Wishing you all a great week of gratitude!