The one thing we know about pandemics is that they have a beginning, a middle and an end. We are very much in the middle of it and the peaks seem to come and go as each state gets impacted at it’s own rate.

We know that someday and hopefully someday soon in the near future there will be an end to this strain of CV19 with a proven vaccine and containment methods that there will be a time to return back to what we are used to. When we return it’s most likely going to look different from what we were accustomed to and the shape of the recovery will be some kind of a newly defined normal for all of us.

I believe that people will quickly want to return to work and students will want to return to school. As we are “Sheltered in Home” we are all dreaming for this day to come despite the new closeness that families are positively enjoying. Also for those who are taking this time to be deliberately more reflective in this unprecedented pandemic, they will want to put into action some of their new ideas and see if what they journaled on will increase their leadership effectiveness.

I also believe that a giant coil is being compressed and once we get the green light to proceed forward that coil is going to spring up in a very big way with an incredible force of pent-up demand. I like to call this the powerful impact of the Spring Coil Effect.

We have to start thinking about what this means and that smart leaders have to start preparing their teams to start getting ready before they actually have to be ready. Speed of recovery will be critical to help companies recapture lost time and regain their market positioning.

So, here are 3 questions on my mind to help you ruminate upon:

  1. Knowing that people are your most important assets, will you be ready to quickly get the talent back that you need? Is your HR department ready for a massive hiring and rehiring blitz? Also are there current employees who should be recognized for their courageous work?
  2. What is the shape of your supply chain and can you help them to start getting ready when the spring coil effect occurs? The weakest link in your “start to finish process” could really set you back if you do not plan carefully.
  3. How do you start transitioning your company from survival metrics (like Cash) to metrics positioned about expansive growth in the most logical way and what’s the best way to communicate their priorities?

The Spring Coil Effect is inevitable. As all of the Hero’s continue to do their dedicated jobs (Dr’s, Nurses, EMT, Truck Drivers, Police, Food Service, Cashiers, etc.) we will see the impact of their incredible commitment to servant leadership.

So as we are still very much in the middle it would be worth some time to start thinking about what you will need when you get going again as the power of the spring unleashes it’s force.

We will get through this and we have to start thinking about what that will look like and what our new leadership role will be.

Wishing you all the very best and stay healthy!