Hello friends!

I wanted to share my personal example of categorizing your life philosophy by head, heart and hand along with some additional perspectives I’ve added to the original post from many months ago – 

A successful life is to know:

That I’m inspiring others with my actions and providing them with hope and optimism about their futures and the impact they have on others – especially as you never really know the impact you are personally making as some are immediate and others are years away. (Hand)

That my family always knows that everything I do for them is based upon my never-ending love, unconditional support and lifetime commitment to them – even if I have a bad day and don’t show it. (Heart)

That I matter and am relevant in what I do- and being contemporary takes dedicated effort. (Hand)

That my words are warm and caring with the appropriate tones and responses tightly aligned to the situation encountered- and I remember what was said to build on upon it in the next conversation.  (Head)

That my friends have a few good stories to share to keep my integrity and authenticity alive- yet always remembering to be in the moment and living each day fully. (Heart)

That the summation of my successes and failures in life are defining who I am and who I’m working on becoming to realize my God given potential- and this is so difficult because you don’t know God’s plan and you have to trust and be faithful. (hand)

That I’m working on leaving a positive legacy for my children and my children’s children – and their children’s children. (Hand)

That I’m so grateful for every day for all of the gifts I have been given- and to recognize the gifts that others have been given and to acknowledge and be grateful for that. (Heart)

That I continue to have a servant leadership headset in how I think and what I do and never to forget that responsibility – as it is so true that it is in giving that we receive. (Hand)

And that I understand my entire life was in God’s hands from the start and that I’m doing my best knowing that God will do the rest- and to continue to serve and believe with a faithful heart when I cannot see what the future will unfold. (Heart)

Have a great day reflecting on these philosophies and maybe it’s a great time for you to start and record yours.

Reflectively yours,