Have you ever been asked a simple question and then when you pause for a few moments to think about your response you realize it’s really not that simple at all.

You are going to see many things from me in the next month where I’ve been going through the journals looking for one thing and then finding other things that lead me into another direction to reflect upon. That’s part of the fun of journaling for me and how I come up with so many crazy blogs.

As I just started Journal 80 this past weekend I like to go back and look at the last 20 journals or so to see if what I recorded was still relevant.

While I was harvesting the journal content I wanted to share 5 of my favorite simple questions that I recorded which have been much more complex to answer than I originally thought.

Here they are:

  1. For the sake of why do you do what you do and how much is enough?
  2. How’s business and where’s business?
  3. Helping enough people this week?
  4. Taking enough risk?
  5. Are you still relevant?

I hope one of these questions spurs some additional reflection for you this week to help you unlock even more potential in your pursuit for leadership excellence.

Reflectively Yours!

Bob C