What are the one or two concerns you need to work on right now?

Right now the 2 concerns I have relate to the pandemic in the areas of Social Distancing and Hygiene. This is especially important as I have to go into the hospital every day for my remaining Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments. (21 down and 9 to go)


Yesterday I was ~ 4 feet from a person and nurse walked by and said “What don’t you understand about complying to the 6 foot distance request? I know you know how to count!

I looked at her and said great reminder and thank you. It’s amazing that I know the criticality of being 6 feet apart but my automatic default is to be much closer and constant reminders are sometimes needed.

Even though the reminder was needed, the way it was said was very demeaning with such a condescending tone so I started to think about what I would say.

Here are 5 ways I came up with:

1- Can you please back up a bit so we can all play our role in flattening the curve.

2- What do you think 6 feet would like like in terms of the metric system? – and then share that 1.83 meters is 6 feet and ask them to adjust accordingly.

3- It’s so hard but we all have to comply to combat this silent enemy.

4- If you can add a little more space it will be really helpful for us to collectively beat this scary virus.

5- Did you know that social distancing is being heavily enforced right now to beat the Coronavirus?


I don’t think I have every washed my hands as much as I am right now. The mantra of washing your hands to the timing of singing Happy Birthday twice is a really good habit to start and continue moving forward. I also just read something else you can do in the 20 seconds of washing your hands from Option B- think of all the things you are grateful for!

Just wanted to share the 2 concerns that are most present in my mind as I reflect upon todays pandemic.