My wife Barb asked me that as the year 2020 approaches what have I learned about myself over the last decade of journaling. I have been deeply reflecting on this for the past week or so and keep realizing that she really asked me a profoundly gigantic question that needed some research as there was no easy answer.

So I started analyzing the 75 journals I’ve written in the past 20 years and here are some of the initial finings with a lot more to share as I uncover them:

My first formal decade of journaling was between 1999 and 2009 where I created a total of 7 journals. I call this my “getting started” decade.

The second formal decade of journaling was between 2010 and 2020 and I was a bit surprised to see that I created 68 journals during this period. I call this my “standard practice” decade and I made the move from using any journal I could find to creating a custom journal that has gone through 4 formal revisions with many enhancements and great ideas from my mentees. During this period I also just completed my 8th journal in this year alone which is a personal record.

As I review and reflect upon the contents I have 5 initial observations to share:

  1. My gratefulness for my family and friends keeps on being more important and present for me.
  2. My spirituality has definitely increased as I count the number of prayers, psalms & personal heartfelt messages from so many caring friends.
  3. My classification of learnings which has been predominately Head (how I think) & Hand (what I do) is being replaced by Heart (how I feel and inspire others).
  4. I realized that I’ve been working on my business plan for 10 years and only had the courage to actually launch it 2 years ago. More on that in future analysis as it has the early signs of the competence/confidence ratio.
  5. The Four Loops of Learning (Record, Reflect, Act & Share) really only has one critically important loop and that is to Share as it is in giving that we receive.

Journaling provides me with incredible inner peace and it has been so therapeutic during my unexpected medical journey.

I just started journal #76 going into year 2020 so it will be quite exciting to see what occupies my heart and head in the next decade.

Reflectively yours!

Bob C